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According to Twitter “I’m:┬áCovent Garden Station Lift Namer. Dilly-Dallying in the internet world. Youth Leader , IT Guy, Rambles about rubbish & lyrics, Supporter of

According to my parents I: “Treat the place like a hotel”

According to me: Sometimes these things just come to me, and I have to write them down and share them to the world.

When I go away, I like to keep a record/Journal of places I go and what I do, often accompanied by my mental rambles!

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  1. Hi,

    I am Daniel Edwards sister and the one raising money for beat bullying at the moment. I also had my school years ruined by bullies and your story pulled at my heart strings. I could relate to so much of it and I think you wrote it perfectly. I will be advertising it on my blog and fb page, I think more people need to read this.

    I am pleased you’re happier now and your bake off song was amazing !

    Thanks, Sophie

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