The last three weeks/ the night before the course returns

So… the last three weeks – Work work work CAR CRASH work work work JEW days.


That’s pretty much it. Important points at work have been:


  1. Starting work
  2. Ordering label maker
  3. getting quotes for virus scan
  4. waiting for label maker
  5. waiting for quotes for virus scan
  6. still waiting for label maker
  7. still waiting for virus scan
  8. Label maker arrives
  9. re-organise every single CD and label them all
  10. wait for virus scan quote
  12. receive virus scan quote and get go ahead
Simples MEEEK.
Right, course again tomorrow – NIGHT NIGHT!
Adios! 🙂

Job Day 1

Not a lot of great excitement happened today…

This morning I arrived at work late (as planned) and there were no spaces in the car park… I learnt the overflow very quickly!!

Then I had induction, Got shown my desk, given my laptop and did some menial tasks….

In lunch break,  I went to Asda which was full of very ugly people as always… and then this afternoon, I spoke with some directors, and did some more general tasks…..

Nothing of great interest of funniness to report!!

Tomorrow might be more fun…. 😛


Adios! 🙂


The last before work

Today began with a standardly vile commute to Old Street. Sat next to me was a “not-underweight” man, (hey fatty bom bom) who decided to spill some of his fat under the arm rest. Not only did he have excess fat to “share around” but he was sharing round “Eau du Fatty”- HIS BODY ODOUR. Not only did he smell bad, but every time he moved… it got worse…

Overall, I think he read the Metro FIVE TIMES, briskly flicking through it each time, turning the page, moving his arm, intensifying the smell. My nostrils will never be the same.

So I arrived at the training centre…. and DIDN’T have a free cuppa! Not one, all day ! wowo! just water… whats wrong with me?! I spent most of the first part of the morning; Riding round on the char, trying to fix my virus riddled computer, going to the toilet, more chair riding, more virusing, more toiletting etc… then we had a short break…..

After the break we came back and did three Mock exams. Each one had worse questions, I failed the first two (as did everyone else) and passed the third (as did everyone else)

At this point, we all recieved some VERY good news… that we were having the afternoon off so off we trundled home.! xD

So far, We haven’t had one full week! Woopwoo!!

Anywhos, off to the wonderful world of work next week… I shall keep you readers posted!!

Night night, Have a good weekend,


Adios. x

City & Guilds

Yesterday I was too angry to blog….


So yesterday, we started our City and Guilds First “coursework” section… we got given the brief… and then tons of help and told to be on our way. Busy working away, when someone places their usb stick into their computer and infects every computer on our mini-classroom network with virus. FUN.

After spending forever trying to remove the virus on each computer (with it coming back) I eventually pulled the plug out my machine and worked “offline”.

During the morning, I had got a large wadge of work done… which when I returned from after lunch was missing. FML

So I set about trying to re-do the work and dodge viruses. I was convinced it was on the class server… but our tutor wouldn’t have it. Eventually as the goal posts of our work got changed, and changed and changed, and I got more and more and more annoyed (I’m  not gonna bore you with details of copying tables and not copying tables etc) it became time to go home…. but it was 3.30… Thanks for that early hour!!!


This morning I ventured on the tube as always from high barnet… as Finchely central we waited for 10 minutes… and I got impatient and stood up to see what was going on…. I needed to change trains to a bank branch one at some point….Eventually we left, and I was left squished up by the door…. this train got busier and BUSIER and BUSIER until one man decides the way to get on…. is to barge onto the train…. He did this forcing people to practically get inside one-another and created room behind him for 4 more people to try and cram their way in. IDIOTS.

Imagine me now.. squished tight into a carraige with a man so close he is practically drinking the tea out my mug with my limns squished into some poor short womans face…. the last thing I need as the next station is for the doors to open on the other side and for some stuck up lady to scream ” Could you lot MOVE DOWN so I can get on”.

Being in a shoddy Squished mood I decided she deserved a loud reply of “If we move anymore down love we will be out on the tracks.” Most of the carraige smiling… she waited for the next train.


When I did finally move train I perched on one of the end seat things… by the doors which go between the carraiges… during my few stops on the second train… a rather overweight man decides he is going to JOIN ME ON THE SEAT and squeezes his fat bum into the tiny gap…. Subtly I did the elbow thing… with no avail through his rolls of fat…. evenually, one large jab… pretending to be really into my music and he was up… THANK G-D!!

Today’s City and guilds entailed me finishing off yesterday’s  mess, dodging more viruses and getting told off for talking even though my hand had been up, and he had said my name and invited me to talk -.-

Handing the assignment in, with the tutor having looked over it… he told me I was well on the way for a distinction. WOO


Tomorrow is my last day at the Course for 3 weeks… Roll on work next week!!




City and Guilds 1

before I start, a few things I have noticed:

  1. I’m constantly tired no matter how much sleep i get
  2. I didn’t finish the last post … SORRY
  3. The tube Smells
  4. The tube is full of nasty, careless people who think they rule the world
  5. The man on the tube this morning was rather embarrassed when I rather loudly proclaimed “Thank you for letting us passengers off the train first” While his chest was practically pasted against the door/doorway.
So now the more interesting stuff –
This week our Tutor has to see his other class so has left us in the capable hands of another tutor. You may be pleased to know that this tutor’s classroom has windows!!!! 😀 But, its on the third floor… and the lift can only described as borderline shitty. ANYWHOS.
Yesterday we spent most of the day doing mock exams… which I passed all of… 🙂 and we went over IP addressing, which I now finally understand – and learnt some Binary! WOOP.
Today we had a “brief” “Look” at our City and Guilds assessment number uno.
This is a task set by the tutor which we need to carry out and document numerous things during the task. Today’s task was to backup a “customer’s computer” Scan the Installation media, and the USB containing the Antivirus+Antimalware and the reinstall windows meeting a few criteria.
There are multiple issues with the task… Firstly, WHO SCANS THE WINDOWS CD FOR A VIRUS?! Then you wonder who scans antivirus software for a virus…. And at no point in the task does it require you to restore the data from the backup. Also, we can take our “practice materials” into the “assessment time”. WOOP DE DO – its practically finished….
Adding to all this… half of the people can’t get their computers to work… its all good fun…
Right… its bed time… some of us have assessment work to do tomorrow 😉
Adios!!!! 🙂
p.s. WOOP I finished this one! 😛


I have already began to loose count of the number of days I’ve been apprenticing… so we are going by date….

Yet again, without fail, at 9.30 we entered the windowless room, which I have began calling the “secret cellar” to begin our day’s learning. Today we went back to our virtual machines, and tried to network them together…. Last time, I’d already networked it to my physical machine, but had to try and get the virtual ones to work….

This should seem fine and dandy, however the DCHP server is set up to only allow a set ammount of IP addresses, and needless to say- there we’ren’t enough. People had problems all over… IP conflicts, mismatched workgroups….  A right Royal Kerfuffle!!!

This afternoon, we carried on with some virtual machineage…….


I forgot to finish this one… and now Ive forgotten! 😛 sorryyyyyyy! 🙂

4 Day weekend and the Tuesday After

Day “6”,

Lets quickly fill you in on my weekend, before getting onto day 6……

My weekend was spent in the Welsh Land of Wales, in the Capital City Cardiff. We were there for a Barmitzvah and an amazing time was had by all…. the important events were:

  • Excellent performance by the Barmitzvah boy in Synagogue
  • Excellent shopping trip into Cardiff – bought up most of primark
  • Excellent Barmitzvah party
  • Meeting a new blog fan (you know who you are!!!!)
  • Being Puked upon.
And now onto day 6……
Day 6 Started with me getting a lift to Hendon Central and the tube in, Arriving EARLY! very Early.
After two cups of free coffee, the day started, and I soon began drifting off to sleep in the uncomfortable chairs, only to be re-awoken by a chilling blast of icy air from the air conditioner.
We dilly dallied along about windows Xp and networks, learning different types of networks, topologies, protocols etc… Soon break time came, and I dived round to tesco – 49p Energy Drink – BAD MOVE….. It kept me awake for this morning but had disasterous effects after lunch….
At lunch time, I took a brisk walk down to marks & spencers and bought some salad, and crisps, and took them back to the training centre, to eat with a cup of tea.
This afternoon we finished off the networking chapter, and looked at our windows XP virtual machines…. As our tutor left the classroom, all hell broke loose, and my hyperness took over. It all ended with me being pushed round on the chair like a giant game of curling. The plus side to this, is that I also got some work done!!

So there we go, day 6…. I say we should get more 4 day weekends but LESS tiredness!


Adios! 🙂

Day three & four

Day three starts at QA when we get told that tomorrow (day 4 ) is a “staff training day” and that we are on “study leave” WHOPEEE!!

Then we go up to the “workshop” (A room with a couple of tables, and some bits of old comptuer) and dissect some old computers. Trust me to get the dodgy one, which when I take the processor fan off, brings the processor off too, bending all the pins and making me look like a fool.

After this “excitement” we hvae lunch and then come back in the afternoon to learn how to install windows XP. A process I have learnt to do, blindfolded, with my hands tied behind my back, while riding a bicycle…. needless to say, It was well on the way to installing before the class had even started, and Off I went for a cup of tea!!!

Day three ended with me starting XP for the “first time” and too many cups of tea to remember!!!


Day four, nothing Apprenticeshippy has happened so far, but as I was not in town today, I was able to get in the car with Mum, Dad & Adam to travel to Cardiff…. and have written this, sat in Magor Services, looking at probably the best view from a service station in the UK – The rolling hills of Cymru.


That’s all for today, and my first week of Apprenticeship and Blogging…. See you on tuesday….


Adios! 🙂

Day Three

What happened on day three? Nothing of great interest!

This morning, I left the house at quarter past 8. Briskly walked down the the bus stop… eventually the bus came… I thought I was running late. That nice greek lady who’s son used to work at blockbusters got on… and we were talking as per the Greek/Jewish usual. We arrived at the station and I ran off down the slope worrying I was going to be late. The thing I find funny is that “nice Greek lady” walked casually and still made that same train, a few carriages back! Anywhos, I digress, I arrived at 9.15 and had time for a cheeky cup of free coffee before the morning started!


This morning we started by making powerpoints about the different types of motherboard. After spending most of the morning discussing Three or four types… I concluded that its only really ATX and Micro-ATX that are used…. what a waste.

We continued flicking through the almighty book, and did a work sheet looking at assembling the parts of a computer, buying them, and making sure they are all compatible… I made a lovely virtual computer… but it wasn’t worth the £416 it cost!


This afternoon, we carried on with our hardware based day, talking about different cables and more cables… and fire extinguishers again! WOW.


Tomorrow is set to be more fun with a practical on how to build a computer…. I might take a blindfold, and get one hand tied behind my back!!!!! 🙂


Thats all for now…. ciao 🙂