Day Two

My First 9.30 Start….AAAH! Although, to be fair, I cheated a little.

Dad took me to Hendon Central and I tube’ed it in from there! Managed to nearly leave my mobile on the back seat on the cab! Thanks for hooting Dad – What a plebby commuter I have become.

Today we started by finishing off the induction…. no need to bore you with the details, its boring I PROMISE!…

Lunch time was taken up by a quick stroll up and down the main road, even though I had lunch – its nice to get out of a room with no windows for a while!!! After the stroll we returned to the “Coffee Lounge” (A couple of vending machines and some tables/chairs). This is where my new love interests were sitting….. the FREE tea/coffee Mac

Fat Book
Thats some FAT book!

hines. Not one, not two, but THREE… all serving the same free drinks. During the lunch break I sampled the Cappuccino, and the tea, and am pleased to report that for free…  they ain’t bad – more of them to come!!

This afternoon, after finishing off the induction… we started our portfolios… by signing numerous documents and sticking them in wallets in a folder SUCH FUN.

Then we received our first book…When I say book, I should probably say BOOOOK ——>       This will last us about the first 10 weeks, and then we are examined on most of what is inside! AAAAH – It’s actually all pretty easy stuff… and the exam is multiple choice! 🙂

We started by looking at the inside of a computer and naming the different parts… then we had to make a table of what each thing did… it’s like ICT GCSE all over again….

While writing the table, 4.30 arrived… books were closed, papers tidied up, bags packed and off we trundled home at the end of another day!

I never knew how much it cost to get the tube – OH MY!!


That’s all for now – Adios! 🙂

Day One

So, you join me yet again, far too late at night, at the end of day 1.


What did I do today I hear you cry…. in short… not a lot.

Today started with late kick-off @11am so I was on the tube at quarter to 10. I arrived at the Training centre early, as its only a very short walk from the station.

I met my tutor, Daniel, and we began “induction”. Induction consisted of receiving a booklet about the course, and numerous menial pages to fill in, including contact details and types of fire extinguisher!!

We had our hour of lunch and then we took a tour of the building which consisted of climbing three flights of stairs, being told “you will have no need to enter this room” and then returning back down the stairs again! (they are steep stairs!)

After that we played some standard team building games (nothing worth mentioning) and had a flick through a book the size of a house which we shall receive soon which is one of the main materials for study – I’m gonna grow some muscles commuting with that every day!!

Eventually we “Closed up”, as the tutor said, early and knocked off at a very nice 4.30, just in time to hit the tube in the early rush…. How I love to be crammed into a sweaty carriage4 of strangers!!


Hopefully tomorrow will be of more interest to you and to me!!!


Adios! 🙂

The Calm Before the Storm

So, here I am, awake far too late into the night, talking on Skype to Wales, Scotland, Birmingham and London the night before I start my Apprenticeship….

Tomorrow, I shall venture my way into the Big Smoke (London),  for the first day of my Apprenticeship course. Thankfully the first day starts at 11, giving me a slight lay in! 🙂

Hopefully I shall be back here tomorrow evening to write about my first day!

Until then,


Ciao 🙂