Know your Limits.

I appear to be one of the few younger people whom don’t enjoy drinking to get drunk.

This could be due to the fact that I live life in a constant state of happy-clappy (sometimes crappy) drunkedness. Perhaps deep down the reason is just that I am a bore… this I cannot be certain of, BUT the actions and reactions of those alcohol worshippers around me can provide much entertainment AND toil.

I should make it clear that I am not T-Total, and I do enjoy the odd drink here and there, with my Favourites being Cider (Strawberry always a hit), Whiskey and recently, since Poland, Krupnik.

The odd drink I may enjoy, BUT getting absolutely “Shit Faced” does not appeal to me and I think I have reason why:

Since a young age (ok, say 10), if at dinner Father was drinking some “booze” he’d offer me a sip or glug. By the time I came to 13, I knew full well what Beer Tasted like, and had sampled enough wine to put me right off… SO There was never a novelty in me drinking.

I still however fail to understand the¬†mentality¬†which requires one to be drunk in order to have a “good night” or for some people a “good day”….

I recently dropped my Brother at a “party”. I should add, he is 16, and not exactly the drinking yobo you see hanging around the streets late at night.
When I dropped him off, everything seemed totally normal…. but on return all hell had broke loose.

Those foolish 16 year olds decided to drink. Not just a little drink, but a little bit too much!

The place was a tip(sy). and I return to see the Host’s sister(s) and boyfriend (the boyfriend of ONE of the sisters… don’t get ideas!) Clearing up. Not emptying the recycling, or mopping up spilt drinks…. Pushing Puke.

Now, Tell me, since when has being sick meant a good time? You feel groggy, and end up smelling and tasting, like the arse end of a cow.

Someone “clever” (you know who you are) decided that pouring talc over said Sick would improve things….. hmmn, foolish plan. I Mucked in, we cleared up and put it down to #BITBH. but it wasnt fun.

So I think you get my point…. (and I feel like I’m getting boring). Why must one be drunk to have a good time?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

If anyone can enlighten me on why being sick is fun, drop a comment on this post. Muchos gratis,

So Long Suckers.