Filling you in – Novemeber, December Jan and half of Feb

Ok, So I’ve been lapse.

I suggested I’d try and keep up as much as possible with my life on here…. but I failed. Let’s suck it up and move on…. I’ll try and fill you in….

Those observant of you will note the new theme…. cool eh! ­čÖé


Nothing greatly exciting happened! I was at work from November till the 20th of Jan so I was getting settled in. Really loving it! As the end of December drew in, Literally the last few days, I was called into a meeting, and was told I was being sent to Swindon to re-build the server for our sister company.

The next day, I packed up Penelope the car and off we went….. Swindon is a funny place.┬áDescribed┬áby the woman in the hotel as “the Armpit of the world” and by a woman in a cafe as “those who failed to make it to┬áLondon” … It was pretty much my beloved Hatfield… Moved.

Hotel (Express by Holiday Inn) was LURVELY – Shame the parking was a good 5-10 minutes walk away through the Town Centre (interesting on thursday night/ Club night… especially when you are basically in the clubbing part of town)…. My room was on the quiet side thankfully and I got a Lovely night’s sleep!! ­čÖé


December flew by without much more of a glance (that I remember) Although I do realise that December was probably the time at which I realised the value of visiting the pub at lunch time…. xD


Xmas was fun- Apart from that call from my boss on Xmas Day – But We’ll let him off… I’m Jewish, how was he to know I had the hat on and a Kosher turkey on the table?!

27th December till the 1st January was spent with the kids on youth camp – Enjoying being a member of staff and them listening to me when bossing. Some would say some of the other staff needed more looking after than the kids! ­čśŤ *Puts claws away*

Mid January, I was subjected to a day’s training at the provider of our virus scan software in order for me to understand what the heck is actually going on with our centrally controlled virus solution – ITS COMPLICATED!!!
Our sales rep bought us lunch in a REALLY nice pub (see pub lunch!) and she was a bit of a shocker but lovely all the same!!

The end of January saw me taking a visit to Newcastle/Gateshead to wire up our new ‘Sales office’ to our network. I’m a bit jealous…. Nice cafe on site, free gym etc etc… they better get their act together at head office… I want the same┬áfacilities!!
Hotel, yet again Express by HI, Not bad, not as nice as the first one… but better than traveldodge for sure.


Oh, for those of you who knew I still worked for Traveldodge, I gave the white flag in this week, and Sunday will be my last shift – *cries one tear*… I’ll miss the rude and abusive customers whom think they are staying in the Ritz… Someone remind them that we don’t even provide Shower gel, or phones in the rooms!!!!! (I will miss working with certain members of staff… Sunday nights are the one!)


And that pretty much brings you up to date… nothing of major excitement has happened unless it was listed up here! (or it Flew out of my, at times, small and┬áincapable┬ámemory)….

I’m currently dreading returning to the city for 3 weeks – I hate being crammed into sweaty tube┬ácarriages, while dressed like a prick in a suit… I much prefer commuting via car…. ­čÖü


That’s all for me from me for now… I’ll try and keep you upto date with things as they happen …. TRY…


p.s. I’ll include something about our City and Guilds Assessor which I’ve forgotten to include so far, but I’m too tired now!


Adios Amigos! ­čÖé